Hardware + Software

When combined it works like this:

  • a) Table’s metal frame
  • b) Table-top - made of two sheets of acrylic glass and architect paper (working as diffuser for the picture emitted by projector) and two lines of infra-red (IR) Light Emitting Diodes (LED). It's fixed to a metal frame fixed with two hinges to the table’s frame.
  • c) Two lines of IR LEDs - with appropriate power supply
  • d) USB Web-camera with IR filter attached on flexible arm. IR filter is made of overexposed and processed negative film.
  • e) Short-throw projector
  • f) PC with Windows
Video analysis on one hand and Flash applications on the other hand can be quite processor-power consuming. But the video analysis and blob-detection (f) can be easily separated from the user's application (g) so both can be run on separate computers connected with LAN where 'f' will pass only TUIO information to 'g'.

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