Final version for GSoC 2008...

...to be found in repo. "Of course" not everything has been implemented as planned but basic starters for majority of functions have been introduced. So... there is muuuuch more to be done later - since I plan to slowly continue to develop more and more advanced options.


Main Menu

I decided to go ahead and introduce the Main Menu on application's area. It's going to be a tricky one since everything is tricky in case of multi-touch applications. This one can be in a few states:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. idle (semitransparent)
2. "on-touch-over" (highlighted) - e.g. when some blob moved from outside
3. "on-touch-press" (highlighted and expanded) - new blob has been created within the button area
4. "on-touch-out" (expanded but not highlighted) - blob goes off the button or dies - after 3. took place
5. "on-touch-press" of first option ("Create a new rectangle"):

On state 5. - the other hand can draw a shape of rectangle which becomes a rectangular object in world of "physics". When 5. is released - the main menu goes to the state 1.

Tweener (caurina) is used for menu visual effects.


Vacations vs. updates...

... anyway, new code in repo. Fixed some problems with TUIO on box2D.